Take A Look: Black Girls Killing It.

17 Jan

★ Killing It On the Streets
★ Killing It At Home
★ Killing It At Events
★ Killing It On a Date
★ Killing It In Magazines
★ Killing It Next Door

Such a simple concept: Black Girls…Killing It! This tumblr based website is a beautiful collective of pictures submitted by the loyal followers killing it with their fashion sense. The submissions range from the people who actually view the website, to magazines, to other blog posts. Along with showcasing the outfits of others, the site also offers advice and wardrobe tips for the aspiring fashionista!

But what exactly is it? It can just be described just the same as when people explain themselves with “oh, well THEY said…“. That’s just it, it is the blank that is filled with your interpretation, or in this case, your inspiration. But when the it is fashion, I do say, some of the submissions DEFINITELY kill it.

Moment of silence for the competition…




One Response to “Take A Look: Black Girls Killing It.”

  1. Neil Alvin January 24, 2012 at 10:57 am #

    I appreciated this article. Interesting that you observed I rarely comment on the photos that are published. 🙂

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